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Made a basic video, explaining some AirPlay things, sorry if it's not that great, ill update soon!

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Here I will explain the basics of what Apple AirPlay is, if you have any questions please get in touch. For more information please see AirPlay Speakers.

AirPlay Speakers ; What Are they?

AirPlay is a system manufactured by Apple which allows you steam virtually all types of media wirelessly. The streaming is completed from one of the Apple products such as an iPad, iPhone or on your Mac using iTunes. The range is pretty huge - hundreds of feet, so it's ideal for experiencing audio around your house no matter how large it is.

The wonderful thing about AirPlay is that if you have got two sets of speakers - one at either end of your house, you can get your iPod (for instance) to play to both of them. Yet another excellent use of AirPlay would be if you were enjoying a dvd movie on your iPad and wanted the audio to be a bit louder or better quality. You'd just set up the audio to come from the loudspeakers.

What are the main positive aspects of AirPlay?

%u2022 Range - Bluetooth has a range of close to 25 feet, where as AirPlay features a range of hundreds of feet since it's based on Wi-Fi.
%u2022 Steaming to a number of systems - In case you have several AirPlay audio speakers it is possible to stream to all of them.
%u2022 Not only the streaming of tunes - dvds and photos can also be streamed with AirPlay technologies.
%u2022 Several systems you need to maintain your Apple Device in the speaker, not with AirPlay; take it with you!

How does someone link my Apple device to AirPlay?

It is possible to associate your gadget to AirPlay audio systems with basically two strategies. Initially you can make use of a home network employing your wireless router. Next it is actually merely a task of joining your AirPlay product to that network. Or else you can use an AirPort Express which kind of acts as a bridge amongst the output and input gadget and makes it possible for you to use AirPlay without the need of a wireless network. All you need to do is connect the AirPort Express to your audio system, next the AirPort and Apple device will talk to one another allowing the streaming of media.

Once a system is on the wireless network or attached via Airport or other an AirPlay source, for example an iPod Nano, instantly detects it. In no way do you really need to set up the connections by your self. Then just select the song or video and you're ready to go. Using AirPlay loudspeakers on the home network there might be rare problems; there might be dropouts as an example when your network goes down - not necessarily the responsibility of the AirPlay system though! But using an AirPort express this should not happen - you are not making use of the actual network remember.

What kind of software is AirPlay speakers primarily based on?

Clearly it really is mostly to do with one system needing to speak to another one very easily. It may interest you to realize that the technology utilised isn't in fact new. A bit of software was designed by Apple way back in 2002 which let units talk to each other without requiring to be established (such as being set up bit by bit) specifically for that function.
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